Tim Hanks of Commercial Bat Control has helped people with their bat problems in over 21 states in the past 10 years.

All of our work is done by exclusion only. By no means do we use poisons or chemicals to exclude bats. Unlike pest control companies, we devote 100% of our time to bat exclusion. We simply "don't do bugs". The exclusion method was designed about 17 years ago. The Hanks excluders allow the bats to exit the building unharmed and does not allow any entrance. The bats must then relocate to a new roosting site.

At times it may be necessary to trap and relocate certain bat colonies back to caves. Commercial Bat Control has successfully trapped and relocated thousands of bats in the past. Not always do we use the trap method. Most of the time we just exclude the bats into the wild. It is something like serving them with an eviction notice and then sealing up the entry points. We have literally excluded thousands of bats from hundreds of buildings around the country. Unlike dangerous chemicals, this method is safe for the environment, people, pets and the bats.

If you are currently having a bat infestation problem with your home or building, feel free to call us at our South Central office in Texas, or our Northern Office in Wisconsin.

South Central Office (210) 656-8344 or E-mail us at tmhanks@ev1.net
Northern Office (920) 743-9049 Bay Area Bat Protection Fax/Phone.

Tim Hanks
Commercial Bat Control
San Antonio, Texas

Marshall Hanks
Bay Area Bat Protection
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

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