What is a bat box?

Just as the name would suggest, the bat box is a box built for bats. The idea behind it is to offer the bats another place to call their home that doesn’t cause quite so much of an upheaval to your life. For example, would the bats really cause that much of a stir if they were to live in a specially built home in the bigger trees at the bottom of your garden?

Think of it this way – a bat box can easily be purchased, built with the help of a kit, or created completely from scratch with a few materials and a little help from a couple of templates that you found on the internet. As long as you use rough, untreated wood, (bats need the rough surface to give them something to hold on to, and the chemicals in treated word can be hazardous to bats and is likely to dissuade them from using it) you have the perfect new home for a small bat colony, and you can even add further boxes to your first to make for easier living.

There are square styles that you can create, or cylindrical ones that have been designed to be used to hang from trees. As long as these have a narrow crevice in the bottom that the bat can crawl into, is around 10 to 15 feet off the ground, isn’t obstructed by anything and is draught-free and predator-free, while still being in close proximity to a water source for their insect obsession, you have yourself a winning design of bat box. All they are looking for is something warm, dry and safe to sleep and raise their babies and if you provide these things in the form of a bat box, after a while they will use this rather than nesting in your home. You do need to learn how to be patient however – you can’t just hang the bat box and expect them to move right in. They will need to look around for a bit first, but when you use the bat box alongside exclusion methods to get the bats out of your home, you have a winning combination that ensures that both parties involved are happy.

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