As the only service we provide is bat exclusion, we do consider ourselves experts in this field. The following is information about our work.

More and more people are seeing bats roosting in buildings, instead of caves. One of the reasons is that there are many new land developments which are destroying many of the bat's natural habitats. When this is the case, bats must relocate to new roosting grounds which are sometimes buildings. Another possible reason that bats leave their original roosts may be due to over population in the colonies.

Our work was started about 16 years ago here in San Antonio, Texas. With an affiliated office in Wisconsin, we cover the all of the continental United States. We completely exclude all bats from the building (s) and seal possible entry points, preventing re-infestation. All of our work comes with a written guarantee. Our excluders that we use are our own, the Hanks EX-100 or the Hanks PEX-100. The type of excluder used depends on the opening.

These excluders are not electrical or mechanical. The ultra sonic devices out there DO NOT work on excluding bats; they only move bats to different parts of the attic or walls. We have also found that lights, smoke, gasses, mothballs, pesticides and noise have all failed in excluding bats from buildings. Experts agree the only safe and smart way to remove bats from a building is to exclude them and then seal up the entry points. The method of sealing openings in the winter months is not recommended as an exclusion method, since some bats do hibernate within the walls instead of migrating south. We here at Commercial Bat Control have seen lots of bat exclusion methods tried. To review our field studies of exclusions click on "Studies". If you have basic questions about bats and there habitat, look in our links page under "Bat World". Bat World is a living bat sanctuary in Mineral Wells Texas. We at Commercial Bat Control support all of there research and studies with bats in captivity. Bat World also provides a vast amount of knowledge about bats in urban life opposed to bats in caves. Check them out, you'll be glad you did.

If we can be of some assistance to you. Please feel free to call us at (210) 656-8344 or E-Mail your questions and comments to: timhanks@ev1.net We are very proud of the services we provide of bat exclusion.

Bats are often seen as nasty, scary creatures that are best left to horror films and scare stories. If you have an infestation of bats in your home, it can certainly seem like these animals are the devil. It is always wise; however, to remember that every living creature has its place in the eco-system that lives all around us, and with the bat, there is no exception.

You know those insects that fly around you during the summer months and eat you alive? Well bats eat those. If you live near an area of open water, you will know just how annoying these flying insects can be, and although the birds have a tendency to eat these during the day, the numbers would be out of control if it weren’t for the bats snapping them up at night too.

The same good news applies for other areas – bats actually help with reforestation in the rainforest and certain plants wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for the bats pollinating them. When you look at it like this, the bats don’t seem like so much of a bad animal, do they?

When you bear this in mind, rather than looking to nasty and extreme methods to remove a colony of bats from your property, (which is not only harmful to the animals, but is also illegal in many places too) you might want to consider using a bat box.

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